Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Projects, hobbies, and other matters of the like

So what have I been up to since coming here to Coatesville? Good question (thought you'd never ask:) Well, I've had a few things in the works since the beginning of this year (some from even before then). There are about 6 ongoing writing projects, which include 3 sci-fi scripts, 1 suspense/thriller, 1 drama (inspired by a true story), and a fictional story that I'm writing as a book (not quite sure if I want to put that one to screen, yet). There's also a long-term research project that I'm working on (and I mean loooooong-term....it will probably consume the rest of my life and those of many others in the process) which deals w/ the history of developments in science (as well as other areas). To that end, I'm doing a lot of reading, including The Elements by Euclid, an in-depth biography of Albert Einstein, tons of books on physics, some on linguistics, one on church history, another on biblical history, and many, many more. There's more I could go into, but that's the gist of it (you'll get to hear about the other stuff in future blogs).

So life is keeping me pretty busy these days, but I'm glad I get to be busy doing the things I love. Well, I guess that's a wrap for now. See'ya next blog!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Transitioning to Philly: Phase two...ish...

Well, big news, big news. As of the second week of June, I transferred jobs and am in Coatesville full-time, now. So what's the new schedule looking like these days? Well.......

Mon. morn. - Wake up, get ready, man the reception desk
Mon. afternoon - staff meeting, other duties as assigned
Mon. evening - staff dinner
Mon. night - relax, unwind, go to bed
Tues. - Fri. - wake up, get ready, help out around the base (duties vary from one day to the next), eat lunch, read (or do some small chores), leave for work around 2, get back around 11
Fri. after work - help out 'til 2 at the curfew center (a program we started working w/ that helps facilitate the local curfew restriction for minors)
Sat. morn. - sleep in (YAAAAAAWN!)
Sat. afternoon - Bible study in Philly (www.bethemanuel.org)
Sat. evening - Enjoy the day
Sat. night - Curfew center (10p.m. 'til 2a.m.)
Sun. morn. - sleep in (YAWN! YAWN! YAWN! YAWN! YAWN!)
Sun. (rest of the day) - chores and whatever else I have time for (hang out w/ staff, visit a local church, go to downtown Philly, etc.)

So the busyness remains, but it's nice not having to be constantly moving back and forth between here and the good ol' VA. I'm really liking it here, all things considered. Pennsylvania's such a beautiful state, and there's so much to explore. I'm looking forward to being here for the long-term.